Panerai Radiomir Eilean 45 mm – PAM 1243 Copy Watch Price

Although Panerai Radiomir Copy Watch shape and design are common, we found some details that make it different from other references on the dial and case.

The first thing we admire is the brown sandwich dial with vertical grooves, whose design is inspired by Eilean’s teak deck. Panerai Super Clone die cut shows the underlying Super-LumiNova in the usual beige hue to give it a more retro look. Together with the gold on hand, the palette is warm and very pleasant.

Panerai copy watches online defines it as antique, although it looks weird at first, but it is very suitable for the retro look of the watch without artificially excessive aging. The case was polished again, removing some textures, further accentuating its smoothness and creating the final “semi-matte” effect.

If you are familiar with Radiomir Eilean, it is because it is very similar to the Radiomir replica vs real launched at the end of last year.

Unlike the large logo on the Venti dial, the pattern of this special edition is less obvious, because it is embodied on the left bracket by carving the dragon logo that decorates the hull.

Another controversial but less important detail is the matching leather strap. It is handmade in Tuscany, the birthplace of Cheapest Panerai Replica , and its obvious stitching is inspired by the rope on the Eilean sail and has the same logo as the back.

The Grade 1 Panerai Radiomir Eilean PAM01243 Replica Watch

Super Clone Panerai Radiomir Eilean PAM 1243 is a special edition in traditional style to commemorate the sailing boat of the same name built in 1936, the year the brand began to provide waterproof watches for the Italian army.

The case has a special “aging” finish that first appeared on the 2019 Radiomir 8 Days PAM 992. It is shiny and matte at the same time, giving people a sense of life, but not too retro.

Radiomir Eilean Copy For Sale has most of the features of an attractive Panerai watch, including the beautiful color palette and discreet and interesting details on the dial and case-except for the oversized Eilean logo on the side of the case.

Particularly attractive is the retro tone, which has been used before, but still looks good. The Most popular Panerai dial is dark brown with gold-plated hands and indexes, giving a warm look, reminiscent of classic sailing ships. It does use imitation retro lume, which is very suitable for the dial color.

The retro look is continued on the case, avoiding excessive force and suitable for slight wear and tear. Like the dial, the case has a matte finish, which contrasts sharply with Radiomir’s traditional mirror polishing.

Unlike the 1:1 panerai replica watch, which has an extraordinary large logo on the dial, the brand logo on the Eilean version is not so obvious, although the yacht logo on the side of the case is still unattractive.

The case of Panerai 1:1 clone Radiomir Eilean is 45 mm “bronze steel”, which is a standard steel alloy that has been treated to produce an aging effect. It is first mirror polished and then sandblasted to give it a finish between shiny and matte.