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Taiwan returned early February, has many affairs, no time to post, sent a photo, although tourism in Taiwan, but share posts rough, love the table today will own the mentality of the faithful and the altar share

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Life three tables
When I was little, Omega replica watches, bicycles and now equate luxury, when I see people wearing a large replica watch, tempted to look at, very envious, you also have to grow up after a dream to wear replica watches. I remember Middle School that year, my father sent me a “gem flower” brand Women’s replica watches, this is my life, the first one table, then all day in my excitement, like to play with blood, like learning the power of infinity, extraordinary play admitted to the university. This Men replica watches is regarded as an important starting point in my life, it records my pass the examination, my ignorant youth, leaving memories are full of happiness.
After work, with the change of interaction and age groups, with the desire to change the table. In formal exchanges with his wife, I spent more than a month’s wages to buy a piece of “Plum” automatic mechanical TAG Heuer replica, and the original “Stone Flower” table gave cousin. On the “Plum Blossom” I prepared plus love, it accompanied me from the Sentimental to mature, I witnessed a family and career. Time flies, time rush, after years of wear, “Plum” getting older, dial with years of prints. His wife said, for the block table, I said wait, because this table witnessed my efforts, my struggle.

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To reward his daughter admitted to focus on high school, last summer, with her daughter His wife went with a group of girlfriends to play in Hong Kong. His wife and daughter each bought a piece of “Longines” table, called to ask me to do, was like, buy a table or to themselves to try to do, it has not yet buy a table, but it revived my desire to buy a table.
Late last year, a friend came back from Taiwan tourism, both male and female to buy a Rolex, I saw it! Instant intoxication, looking at gold have drill logs, really beautiful, the desire to buy a table unstoppable income. Concerned about access to the labor table, replica watch home, Rolex Forum has become the subject from time to time visit. Looking at all kinds of dazzling presentation and table faithful experience, their favorite table affair has been further sublimation, love is not just love the table culture watches, table, wearing feel, act calmly and chase all time It should be brought to my replica watch charm. Then buy a table on the agenda, the brand has been determined Rolex, began to favor a particular style Kelpie, the Forum is also a big favorite. In November this year, Tong Fu Taiwan together with friends, as accompanying the line, free time has been completely controlled Taiwanese tour guide, I looked at the roundabout trip to buy the table in Taipei extremely negative. The first night, the tour guide said the Shihlin night market trim, change with our visit Ningxia night market, I would consult with the guide let us visit on their own, can not leave the tour group, the reason is fear of our own shopping now. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall the next day off, the car has been with Quanpei guide quietly prodded, not on the use of time to complete the purchase of 101 building tables. Friends of the altar before has communication and understanding deduction Rolex 101 franchise stores as good as China and the US, coupled with time constraints, it is according to mobile navigation, flying with friends taxi Zhongxiao Road MidAmerican. The driver took us to the Sino-US Big Brother replica watch Second Branch, originally wanted to headquarters, but look the same company, it does not matter. Into a look, shop watches more nigga, Kindi has, after each wearing, since they have more than forty, repeatedly select, plus a friend suggested, identified among the gray-faced Roman gold dial diary, bargain, credit card, the title single, cut tape, tear film at one go, the two services is great, responsible for sending free table box. Lloyd looked favorite table in the sun shining bright, shiny, filled to the table favorite moment in mind. After a roundabout journey, wander between mountain and sea, along with my love table has been exudes charm, give me confidence, but also add luster to my future career will take off!

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Young children look forward to the youth, youth for them is a dreamy fairy tale; a mature young commemorate youth, youth as one of the ink was dry on the painting; the very old nostalgic youth, youth is their collection of old yellowed photo. Youth, what a wonderful word, anyone who wants to have it. In my youth, at the same time hold the Omega replica with me for every minute of the time I keep for my records, and I grew up with. And it is in the good times of your youth, how reason not to have it, cherish it. Altar faithful, please have your favorite breitling replica watches it, so life will not regret!