Panerai Luminor Submersible Replica Watches Review Hands-On

This may be a rare Replica Watches Review nerd, who will be able to fully understand why Panerai decided to indicate “BMG-TECH” on the dial of the Luminor diving watch is a good idea to tell you about the case material. Panerai himself sees the value of PAM 692 as “invisible innovation”. In a sense, it is a good thing for the charm of bulk metal glass. Panerai Luminor submersible hidden what 1950 BMG-TECH 3 days automatic PAM 692 what future materials will be increasingly used for watch tips.

For example, the popularity of ceramics shows that Cheap Panerai Replica surpass the real needs of traditional metals. The decision to cooperate with non-metallic case material is not just fashionable, but also related to the actual value of the consumer. Although we are on the topic of ceramics, but it is indeed a material that allows you to have a permanent white situation. It also allows high levels of scratch resistance and resistance to various chemicals.

Panerai Replica Watches likes to experiment with new case materials on a regular basis, so they will not take the product from a large number of metal glass is not particularly new. It is said that if BMG-TECH proves cost-effective, productive and popular customers, I think it has great potential. In short, the bulk metallic glass is a metal alloy having an amorphous structure relative to the crystal structure. This allows for fewer surface defects in the substrate, which translates into many of the benefits of the consumer.

Other brands use various types of alloys, such as watch case. I remember that babies sometimes use a material they call “cermet” for borders or the entire shell material. The advantages of cermet are similar to those of BMG-TECH because it is as hard as a ceramic but has a metallic appearance. The cermet is a bit dark in the shadows, so it leads me to believe that a lot of metal glass may be a different recipe, Panerai Replica. The case is titanium, which also happens to be the most part of the situation. My instincts tell me that although bulk metallic glass is a compelling material, it is harder than most metals.

Attached to Luminor Submerisble 1950 BMG-TECH case is a simple black rubber diving strap. If a person does not understand, you can almost think that Panerai want to be careful to use this particular type of case material. Cheap Replica Watches website itself is a technical way to discuss bulk metal glass, but can not understand why consumers choose the material news. More importantly, PAM 692 is not part of the limited edition, so it means that Panerai is open to understanding the material’s perception of the material in the market and for the expansion of production.