Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Amagnetic 3 Days Automatic Replica Watch Hands-On

The new Panerai Luminor submersible 1950 non-magnetic 3-day automatic Replica Watch Titanio PAM01389 brings some neat updates 389, without compromising the original overall execution or design intent. But unless you are crafty Stallone or Parnellisti, that might not be a good thing.

Technically speaking, the 389 is not just the first time it debuted, but also because it shows the first magnetometer from Cheap Panerai Replica, the first ceramic bezel in the Luminor model. This is a rather handsome appearance – introduced a modern, industrial diving watch atmosphere, rigorous, minimalist aesthetic definition of Panerai’s design language in the past 60 years or so.

Many of these features repeat in 1389, which can be largely referred to as updates to existing references rather than a whole new one. Like the original, the 1389 features a titanium case with an iron dial and a soft iron Faraday cage that moves below, keeping it from the many modern dangers of mechanical watches. Hell, it’s even the same strap as before – Panerai Replica Watches excellent 26 x 22 mm accordion rubber diving strap looks as if it was designed specifically for this reference.

Otherwise, nothing has changed since 2014. Now that the hourly index should be more razor-edged, the small second at 9 o’clock is now a cheerful blue, the bright application of the hand and index is now bidirectional, the hue – minute hand blue is the same as the bezel, and all other markers Green.

Most notably, the new 1389 incorporates Panerai Replica latest self-winding movement: the P.9010, which has an internally-manufactured predecessor with the same dual 3-day power reserve but now has an independently adjustable Hour hand – This feature is becoming more common in many modern Panerai models and is a good helper for frequent flights.

What has not changed between 389 and 1389 is that this is a very large 47 mm watch. Yes, it’s a lot lighter than the stainless steel 47mm Best Panerai Replica Review PAM00372, but the weight reduction does not reduce the watch’s visual appeal, which can be overwhelming at many angles. Now, like most Panerai models, the body size of the 1389 has been largely flipped down, leaving a more conservative gap between the front and the front. However, none of these amendments suffices to overcome the wear and tear limit of all except those who have never skipped the Arm Day.

This means that if you like the undeniably cool beauty of the 1389 then there will always be the more traditional 42mm PAM682 Panerai Replica Swiss Movement, but you miss the antimagnetic function and the ceramic bezel as well as the doubling of the dial in the pinch. Jokingly, it is clear that other industries have been responding to smaller sizes – 43 mm seems to be the new 42, from 45 and 47 mm, once dominated Panerai’s collection of modern watches. That’s why another 47mm watch in 2017 actually felt a bit dated – despite its undeniable coolness and classic aesthetic. Although the trend has changed, many stubborn Paneristi still have no other way – which is perhaps why the brand continues to be one of the last acts of this decade’s largest watch movement.

Panerai Luminor Base Replica Watches classic spot

Panerai LUMINOR replica watches
Panerai LUMINOR replica watches

As the Royal Thai Navy’s Royal watch brand, Panerai to unique design to attract the public eye, for the watch enthusiasts

brought a section of the identification of strong and full-style wrist on the meter. Pillow case, exquisite crown bridge is

its unique design of the DNA, so countless friends ecstasy endless. With a passion for the Panerai Watches, we visited the

INOI store in Peihai, located at the center of Yintai. According to the clerk, from the new conference since the Peihai has

been a year of this year’s new exhibition to the shop. Like Huo Jianhua rose gold, retro 687,685 and diving watch 682 and

other new products have been shelves. In addition to new products. Classic money also has a lot. Among them, there will be

today to introduce a composite material watch 616. Here, we come together to see.


In my impression, Panerai has always been more rough and bold type of time, but in the actual shop to see the kind, the idea

of ​​this stopped. Because compared with the picture, Panerai watch often delicate to many. Although it has a large diameter,

pillow case, but in close observation and play only found that it did not imagine so much. In addition, the details of the

treatment in place and the overall feeling of tension will make you inadvertently love the beauty of the Panerai style.

With avant-garde and superior branding technology, Panerai has developed carbon fiber-based composite materials (CARBOTECH

™) and applied it to the timepiece PAM00616, giving the watch a scientific and reliable content. 47 mm pillow case design,

is the Panerai in the late 1940s developed by the Italian Navy commando to wear; In addition, the brand at this time into

the decorated with a small ornamental logo on the rotating bezel, the inspiration Since Panerai in 1956 for the Egyptian

navy created watches. Bezel can only rotate counterclockwise, used to calculate the diving time, very convenient.

Close the table cover, so that the inside of the watch more closed, to protect the safety of the movement. Watch the brand

self-made P.9000 self-winding mechanical movement, movement diameter 13¾ points, 7.9 mm thick, with 28 gems, a total of 197

parts, vibration 28,800 times per hour, with two barrel , With Glucydur® balance wheel, Incabloc® shock absorber, for 3 days

power watch for watch, water depth of 300 meters.

Dynamic black rubber strap, Yingying blue Panerai “lightning” LOGO particularly eye-catching, for the watch to add brand

style. Table buckle eyes and slightly larger size of the needle buckle match, making the watch can be added to the stability

of the wrist, very reliable.

Summary: After enjoying the 2017 table show new products, look at the classic watch is another interesting, like this style

full of Panerai LUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE 1950 CARBOTECH ™ diving watch, whether from the use or Appearance are high-tech and

excellent, like the table friends may wish to Panerai Beijing INOI store to experience it.