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Heart of the 2017 Shanghai International Film Festival with the stars on the red carpet and opened the curtain. As before
the grand occasion, the annual red carpet, Shanghai Film Festival is one of the major Aspect. Small fashion week, big to the
International Film Festival, red carpet trip for these big stars, are once in the game with the image of the game. In view
of this is one of the few able to gather a large number of domestic and foreign fans and high consumer groups the
opportunity, then the event of the film has become a perfect time for their appearance. Compared to all kinds of dazzling
bright jewels, hidden in the cuffs or wrist watch is a low-key and taste of the mood to reconcile the stars of the overall
dress, so that they look more unique Personal charm, from top to bottom spread with a grid, taste full of style. So, what
stars and watches this year, went to the red carpet? Now, let’s take a look at it

In early March 2017, Huo Jianhua with outstanding personal style outstanding, elegant temperament characteristics of the
Panerai Greater China brand spokesperson, the Huo Jianhua to a handsome dress suit and black butterfly bow tie debut at the
twentieth session of the Shanghai International Film Festival, So gentleman’s style he chose Panerai Radiomir 1940
Chronograph chronograph red gold watch phase contrast, showing a gentleman’s modest, low-key, luxurious sense.

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From the “Paladin” third of the Shushan Xu Changqing to “spend thousands of bone” in the white painting, from the “hide and
seek” to “28 years old”, there are types of Yan with his excellent acting and broad Play Road won the praise of many fans.
In the film festival, he brought us to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the return of Hong Kong’s giant system “when the
moon” and science fiction action movie “anti-rescue” two new film and television works. It is worth mentioning that he was
wearing the Panerai Radiomir 1940 Chronograph timing red gold watch series prototype was born with the “moon when there is”
the story happened just happened in the same period (the last century 40’s). To retro and story of the charm of the Panerai
Radiomir 1940 Chronograph timing red gold watch, for its image to add style.

Zhu Yawen initially “break through the East” in the “Zhu Chuanwu” corner is well known. Full of upright and forthright
temperament of his gains in the past few years, with the most essential nature of men with the sex has brought us a lot of
memorable film and television works. The most representative of the number of cooperation with the Zhou Xun “red sorghum” in
the “Yu Zhanao” corner, with a good acting to the role of the complete show to everyone, impressive,
Hearty smile and firm demeanor is his greatest feature. This time, Zhu Yawen selected Chopard Chopard L.U.C
series of dual time zone watch with him to the film festival red carpet, with a suit suit and butterfly small bow tie wear,
showing his “yuppie” warmman exclusive charm.

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As the opening of the film festival film “Flying Flying” one of the main, he wear Bulgari B.zero1 series of black ceramic
diamond ring and Bulgari Octo Finissimo hollow watch on the red carpet on the debut, gentle There are full of aristocratic
Fan children.

Believe in the “old nine” in the “Zhang Buddha” to everyone left a deep impression, as a new generation of film and
television niche, Chen Weiting a simple white shirt with black suit dress appeared in the red carpet, Bursts of screams. Due
to filming injury and posted on the face of the Band-Ase seems to have become a fashion with his ring, to show its unique
personal style.

Just this year, the fashion brand Chanel and Chen Weiting began to work together to create J12 series watch, black and white
style interpretation of pure and simple fashion alternative beauty. This time, he is wearing one of the white J12 watch
debut, to set off the overall black and white and simple fashion wear, in a type of show between the taste and content.

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Liu Hao Ran, who has the “neighbor boy” sunshine face, also participated in the film event, from the variety show “the
strongest man” to “high-energy youth regiment”, and then with Wang Baoqiang cooperation “Chinatown” Meat signs of the
dimples of the minions with the exposed tiger teeth are always full of positive energy.

This time, Liu Hao Ran to a clean and clean white suit dress, with an elegant black bow to attend the film festival red
carpet on top. Worn in the wrist is the Omega super moon phase watch, slightly mature yet atmosphere. Interpretation of the
whole pure and clean shape, luster for their own charm.

Summary: an international film festival is sometimes showing not only the profile of the event, there are more advertised as
the stars and the trend of fashion trends, so that we memorable. As the only pair of men’s wrist accessories, the watch is
undoubtedly the glamor of the charm of these stars, will type lattice, temperament and taste again to enhance the person to
become the best.

The choice of Panerai Luminor Power Reserve Replica Watches

Luxury Panerai Replica Watches
Luxury Panerai Replica Watches

Luxury Panerai Replica Watches

Metrosexual, each has his strong point, some beautiful, some good, some car-scrapping, someone gentle, said women have thrown face, a man is one thousand thousand. But I want to be a man, and I want to be a tough guy, and that’s the kind of thing that men should be, like the prairie wolves in the north. The tough guy, it’s time to have a handsome watch.

Pannhai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM01305 watch
Wristwatch diameter: 47mm
Wristwatch thickness:
Machine core type: automatic machine
Surface material: fine steel
Waterproof depth: 300 meters

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The panahai, which has long been a standard for tough men, has been a favorite of Hollywood stars from the expendables to the real-life hardman. This wrist watch fully exalt pei na sea at the beginning for the French navy military watches the design of the traditional, size of 47 mm, completely beyond the scope of ordinary people can afford to, that is its ambition. The watch is an upgraded version of the original 305, which is powered by an upgraded p.9010 and has a 3-day power store. The little blue second hand, which reveals its difference.

Wristwatch diameter: 42mm
Wristwatch thickness:
Machine core type: automatic machine
Shell material: high-tech ceramics
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

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In addition to the paina sea, brelles is also a powerful tool for men and women. Bell draw inspiration from the aviation instrument pan, show a watch a feeling of instrument, a lot of men have an aviation dreams, and bell shi just meet the men of this small dream. There is no doubt that this wrist watch is handsome and brilliant, with high-tech ceramics and a strong sense of technology.

Domestic price: RMB 43800
Wristwatch diameter: 40mm
Watch thickness: 10mm
Machine core type: automatic machine
Surface material: fine steel
Waterproof depth: 120m

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Compared with many of the same type table, all the nations of the engineer has been overlooked watch series, but I want to say that engineers series characteristic, feature-rich, solid and durable, is a people think very good daily functional wrist watch. The engineer’s watch is a basic form in the series, a simple third pin, plus date instructions, and a night light function. Watch design, as usual, the individuality, the engineer is initially for professionals, so its position is very suitable for outdoor and sport, watch carry 30110 automatic machine core, with 120 meters waterproof, bottom design. Clearly, it also has a distinctly tough style.

Conclusion: summer street, short T hot pants coconut shoes, deserve to go up again a swashbuckling watch and a pair of sunglasses, we are not gang, we don’t do eldest brother, but is to want to have a lot of rocks, that kind of look in the eyes of the handsome and kill, can’t cool.