Mido Helmsman replica watches

Good draw inspiration from classical architecture, create high-quality Swiss best replica watches US helmsman series of tables created in 1934. Mido Helmsman replica watches inception, its high performance stress test confirms, called to allow people to experience the elegant, suitable for everyday wear military watch. 70 years, helmsman series is always perfect, classic forever logo. Watch House today to bring you a series helmsman Mido Ladies watch, enjoy together her grace, the official model: M005.

Watch elegant, simple style. Diameter of 31 mm and a thickness of 9.7 mm plated stainless steel case with rose gold on the noble charming. Use three-pin design on a white dial, sapphire crystal glass table mirror cover. Watch with a low-key mature and comfortable to wear black leather strap. Watch with a date display and water resistant to 100 meters function.

Also use solid steel, rose gold plated cheap replica watches outer crown shape tradition and exquisite workmanship, round crown decorated with a side tooth pattern, be sure to adjust the time when it is convenient; crown top English name engraved Mido ” MIDO “.

1316  1317
Equipped with a black leather strap watch, understated black revealed a mature elegant style, fine suture stitch highlight the exquisite workmanship of the fake watches. Strap texture beauty, soft leathery texture to wear more comfortable.

Case sleek, flowing lines. After Case polished bright color, very charming. Bezel specially designed, multi-level and case presentation, elegant disclosed in a women’s British Gas.

1318  1323
Geneva longitudinal stripes, beautiful and has a three-dimensional white dial on the watch; watch style using simple triangular hour markers and minute scale portrayed in the outer edge, center pointer, disk simple, simple reading.

1319  1320
Located three position small window shows the date, a date in Arabic numerals display for easy reading.

Watch case and lugs integrally molded and smoothly into the case. Small lugs was beautiful microradians, very delicate and charming, and can protect the wrist watch worn and more fit.
Watch back through the bottom of the table using the bottom of the table in the bottom of the table there are some relevant information engraved watch; you can see the interior equipped with automatic mechanical movement through the bottom of the table, engraved Mido name on memory, and decorated with Geneva stripes, delicate movement grinding process is evident.

The Mido ladies replica watches not only uphold the brand watchmaking tradition, while demonstrating the brand watchmaking craftsmanship. White dial watch simple style, simple and clean; elegant rose gold case, and then with as sophisticated black strap, several temperament perfect fusion. This watch is worn on the wrist lady, life is not only a very useful helper, but also bring out the elegant, capable individual temperament.

IWC Portuguese cheap replica watches

This year is the IWC Portuguese replica  watches family historic 75th anniversary of the launch of the new watches, the new Portuguese watch, made a number of improvements in the technical and aesthetic aspects, and equipped with new features. The latest research and development of production 52000 series movement will carry on into the new Portuguese watch family best replica watches. Today, the watch house for everyone to bring on an early release of the Geneva watch show calendar watch, watch the official model: IW503501.

IWC has no calendar watch, this cheap replica watch can be said to make up for the launch of the nations gap between the calendar and simple date display. The movement of the nations newly developed self-movement type 528.5, equipped two barrel, the full chain can provide 7 days power reserve. Personally I have always felt that calendar is a very useful function and high cost, compared with the calendar a lot cheaper.

The new launch of the calendar watch, equipped with a 44.2 mm diameter stainless steel case and silver-colored dial, with three separate semi-circular window display respectively month, date and day of week, the switching mechanism has been taken into account automatically every several different days of the month. The calendar is different, different calendar without regard to the number of days in February, does not consider the effect of leap year, hence the need for a manual adjustment at the end of February each year, just through the crown to adjust, easy and convenient.

Stainless steel screw-in crown gear of Portugal series has always been the crown molding, crown engraved top brand English Logo. Simply adjust the calendar to the crown. Movement in the hour wheel driven wheel advance date. Date propulsion wheel has two different propulsion pointer, which is responsible for promoting a date and month, and the other one is responsible for the day display. Whenever midnight, with the pointer above to advance the date for the conversion. Month display and adjust the length of the month is set by the date wheel disc two control pins. The first root pin display panel on the advance setting a grid wheel rotation.


Advance lever one stylus wheel by means of setting a deeper incision Identification month with 30 days, which is set for a longer switching routes. As a result, the double conversion date the next day to be achieved via a push rod.

Black crocodile leather strap, texture neat, black hand-stitching, more refined. Solid steel folding clasp, easy to wear, drawing clasp processed and engraved with IWC brand logo, without any change of place.

Side thickness of 15.30 mm, used to wear IWC feeling moderate, groove-type bezel and brushed side of the case have maintained a series of one accustomed Portuguese style. Personally I prefer the expression side brushed, looks more texture, but also the side of the case is very prone to scratches, with the drawing process would not be so obvious.

Lugs nations also continued the consistent style, the natural curvature of the front polished mellow light.

Double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass arched edge, silver-colored dial. Small three-pin design, 3 o’clock position located on the 7th slot power reserve display navy blue small hand, small seconds at 9 o’clock position navy blue small seconds disc. Track minute scale foreign aid digit Arabic numerals and hour-bit display. Clean layout, very easy to read the date and time.
Calendar display design simple and neat, with three separate semi-circular window display were the month, day and week, provided between 11 am to 1:00 scale.

The calendar watch is also Palais make up for the vacancy, a historic swiss AAA+ replica watches. Calendar feature is very useful, and entirely by a single crown is very simple and easy to adjust, I believe that after the listing price will be more reasonable, cost is very high. Simple neat dial design and generous appearance, suitable for any occasion wear.


Interview with Deputy Director of IWC replica

January 18 to January 22, the 26th International Grand Prix d’Horlogerie in Geneva in the Palexpo Exhibition Center opened. Famous Swiss watch brand vice president of product management technology at IWC replica Walter Volpers at the scene were interviewed watch House, talked about the brand of art, craftsmanship and love of different cultures.


Reporter: Please briefly explain the IWC this year’s new profile.
Mr. Walter Volpers: Overall speaking, this year’s new is our very rich heritage of our large series 55,48, two limited series, one 100 and one 1000, there small size 36mm automatic winding watch, as well as some of our classic big fly, Mark eighteenth special edition of the little Prince, Saint Huber reason, very rich, are on the whole is basically back to the original design, we follow the more traditional idea and elements, such as changes in the position of the triangle element, we once had no dial 6 and 9, now with the return of the original triple calendar display, calendar display is now changed to a single weight change with all these details very similar to the original we hope that this year things can give us more classic return.

Reporter: What’s new series pilot innovation in terms of the movement? What is the overall innovation?

Mr. Walter Volpers: 36mm watch in size 36 mm has been adopted, because Mark was originally 36 mm watch is elegant or sporty casual style, including the design of the dial and strap. Another is that the calendar for the first time this year we brought the pilot series, including The Little Prince calendar version, 52610 is our calendar movement, the same year appeared in the series pilot, in addition, this year we watch the pilot out of the world , adjustment is very convenient, it is time we three tables show the more prominent highlights.

Reporter: This year the focus of the nations that are on the pilot campaigns?

Mr. Walter Volpers: Because sihh is the annual highlight, we will watch on this heart of time for everyone to understand, but some new styles may be launched in April, launched in June, September, will have, so to say, sihh display watches can be seen worldwide, but some special limited edition, and some countries may not see all of the places, so that in many cases is still not sure

Reporter: In your mind, the positioning of the IWC replica watches is what?

Mr. Walter Volpers: I think we in the watch industry, the price is the top ten, Richemont also give us data, we cheap replica watches brand which has been in a growth stage, so we are very confident in the future We can do better.